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The outbreak of neurological disorder and malfunction in infants also known as Zika is now a Global threat. As declared by the World Health Organisation, the virus is spreading to different parts of the world and hence, precaution all over is of primary importance. There have been almost 1.5 million registered cases of Zika ever since it first struck in Brazil back in the month of May 2015.

This year itself, the numbers have been further shocking. As of January 23, 4180 cases of microcephaly have been registered. In the microcephaly condition, there is abnormal foetus growth within the womb which results in an exceptionally small head of the baby. These again are cases discovered and reported from Brazil. There have also been cases of Guillain Barre reported where it has been observed that the immune system of the body attacks the nervous system leading to paralysis. The relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly is yet to be established. However, a common link between the two is that both these viruses have been discovered in the placenta or amniotic fluid within the mother’s womb which has further impact on the brain.

Though there have been theories that the Zica virus has been spreading through the exchange of body fluids, there are also many theories which state that these have been spreading through the bite from a particular class of mosquitoes called Aedes. Though the cure to the disease hasn’t been discovered yet, the Delhi-based national center of health control amongst many others has set up laboratories to find a solution to the problem. It has also been observed that the symptoms of a Zika infected individual are a lot like Dengue.

The virus is spreading across the Latin American countries and the Caribbean at a very rapid speed and almost 80 percent of the pregnancies reported are affected with Zika.
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