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Giving old a whole new vocabulary

Giving old a whole new vocabulary
If art to you is about questioning conventions then an art exhibition called New Directions in Old Media is something one needs to check out. This art exhibition is a two-part show endeavouring to showcase a different kind of modern art.

There are six artists — Syed Taufik Riaz, Mansi Trivedi, Preeti Agrawal, Akash Gaur, Nidhi Khurana Soni and Vidisha Saini. Each artist takes a different look at art.  For them,  old media can carry a new vocabulary  which is hybrid, grungy and visceral, often imprinting within their forms of narratives of the personal.

One of the participating artists, Nidhi Khurana Soni, said: ‘I have been painting for about a decade now and I work with different kinds of textiles which are thrown out as waste. Sometimes I even collect the leftover rags from the designers’ studios, weekly markets or scrap markets.’

Using paper, textiles and rags, she creates a world of galaxy. ‘The Andromeda galaxy has always been like a guide since ancient times and it is in this respect, I use the embroidery rings with different colours and patterns and textiles to create  a composition of 31 rings,’ Soni added.

Through her art, she wants to show how things can be recycled. ‘In India, we do not usually throw away our things but recycle, which is now slowly dying. We are slowly adapting to the American culture of disposing which has added to the increasing waste of this planet,’ said Soni. 

Art for her is a way of questioning the world.

So check out what the other artists have in  the exhibition.


At: Trapezoid Art Gallery, D 16 South Extension 2 
On till: 6 October
Timings: 11am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday)
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