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Give her the orgasm that she deserves

Give her the orgasm that she deserves
My son is in 9th standard. He refuses to be a part of any social activity. He is always preoccupied with his computer and friends! How can we make him participate in our lives? I’m worried!
Madhavi Kapur, New Delhi
Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological human development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. Your son is in this phase. A lot of new things will start and a lot of understanding and adjustment has to come from your end. However much aloof he might look, but you have to make that extra effort to involve him. Take him out to places he likes to visit. Spend time as a friend, interact and keep a close but distant eye on his life.

I met a guy in a chat box. He lives in USA and we have been dating since last 2 years. Of late he is insisting on my very personal photos. He has proposed marriage and is supposed to come to India around Jan next year. I love him but don’t feel comfortable with such requests. What should I do?
Miss Singh, Jalandhar
Well, I really don’t know what to suggest as there are two sides of the coin. Firstly, if the guy is a genuine one and wants to marry you then he can have some reasons to get really personal. This probably happens even in long distance relationships. On the other side, if the guy is fake (e-chats, e-dating cannot be blindly trusted) then sending any photos etc can be really dangerous! In today’s time, one cannot close eyes to trust and as the guy is a complete stranger, I would say – take it slow. Buy time, make excuses and insist on meeting the person first before committing to anything. Don’t take unwanted risks as heartbreaks take a lifetime to heal. Good luck dear!

I cannot last for more than a little while in bed. My wife is not fully satisfied and this is causing tension between us. I am very depressed about this.
Name unknown, Agra
Don’t be depressed as you are not the only one facing this problem, most men believe that they should last longer. And fortunately, there are ways with which you can last longer in bed. You can start by exercising your groin, arms and abdominal muscles. Consuming excessive alcohol and cigarettes could play spoilsport in a steamy night of passion. These products lead to fatigue and even affect your sex hormone levels causing poorer erections. Lastly, focus more on foreplay and don’t directly dive in. Indulging in some kissing and other acts can give her an orgasm that she deserves.
I can’t get over my past marriage. My ex partner is married and looks happy too. I’m somehow not being able to get over the divorce and land up calling him at times. How can I forget him and move on? What do you say?
Renuka, Patna
Well, it’s a matter of a decision that led to the divorce and it is a matter of another decision to stay away. It might take many weeks or years to get over this broken marriage but as your partner is already settled, you should refrain from communicating. Focus and divert your attention on other things. Keep yourself busy with work and friends and I sincerely wish you the power to conquer all temptations.

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