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Gimme Blue!

Gimme Blue!
One of the most gripping and fun live band in contemporary music today, Yemen Blues are on their way to India. The Embassy of Israel in India in collaboration with ICCR has brought the band on a tour to India.

The band had five concerts in India, starting from Jaipur, moving to Jodhpur, Kanpur and Lucknow before they return to Delhi for their last concert today. 

Yemen Blues was conceived from the vocalist Ravid Kahalani’s vision in 2010. The Israeli group mixes Yemenite and West African influences with contemporary grooves from funk to mambo and the deep soul of old chants, conjuring up rich and diverse aural palette with the use of percussion, oud, horns and strings. The collective is a collaboration of top master musicians, its core including Ravid Kahalani, Brian Marsella, Rea Mochiach, Shanir Blumenkrantz and Itamar Borochov.

Yemen Blues has toured extensively over the past several years, performing for enraptured audiences across the globe. 

Israel and India enjoy great bilateral relations. As a part of the extensive relations, the two countries collaborate in various fields from culture to agriculture. The Israeli Embassy in India organises many cultural events that create an interest across fans in India. Ambassador of Israel to India, Daniel Carmon said, ‘Yemen Blues are a great example of the cultural uniqueness that Israel has to offer in India. A blend of influences combined with original music that its roots are almost timeless. I am sure this will be a great experience for the Indian audience’.

Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Israel New Delhi, Chana Anzi, said, ‘The Embassy of Israel is proud to present one of the finest Israeli bands to the Indian audience. Yemen Blues is the epitome of multi-culturalism in contemporary Israeli music. I believe that this is a great opportunity of fusing diverse musical traditions and bringing together two ancient cultures: India and Israel.’

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