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Getting inked? Are you summer safe?

Getting inked? Are you summer safe?
Getting a tattoo can be a whole lot difficult this summer, with friends and well-wishers telling you what to do and what not to do. So in order to get rid of this dilemma, we decided to find out how safe is tattooing on skin especially keeping in mind the heat of summers.

There has always been a myth that tattoos can cause skin problems, so we asked a few tattoo artists and also some dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons about their opinions and they all advised caution.

‘Getting a tattoo does make your skin look creative and artistic but you need to be sure about the tattoo parlour from where you get it done,’ says Dr Manoj Khanna, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon. Also, experts say it is very important to do a background check on the place from where you are getting them done. Tattoo artists will tell you the same.

‘Tattoos are all about your taste for body art, and therefore one should make sure it is something that suits your personality,' says tattoo artist Jatin Sharma, who has been inking people for 12 years.

For Sharma, tattooing is an art and something  that people use as a medium of expression. So it is very important to get in touch with the right artists. He also clearly is against the cheap tattoo deals people often offer in the internet these days. They are mostly new artists.

Tattoo artists will tell you that it’s very important to get your tattoo done at a place which is hygienic as there are chances of getting skin infections.

‘Everything that is used while tattooing should be brand new / disposable apart from the wires and power supplies,' say tattoo artists from Devilz Tattooz.

‘Before getting permanently inked, make up your mind because tattoo removal is even more difficult,’ says Dr Khanna. Tattoos breach the skin, which means that skin infections and other complications are possible. Most commonly allergic reactions, skin infections are the problems that one might face.

‘One should not turn a blind eye to  complications like infections, allergic reactions, ulcer injuries, prolonged bleeding among others,' says cosmetologist Dr Rekha Gonsalves.

After the tattoo is done, precautions are needed. ‘You need to keep the tattoo clean. It should be pat dried after shower and the aftercare ointments should be applied thrice a day for minimum 20 days,’ says Mohit from Devilz Tattooz.

Check if the tattoo artist is wear gloves and using sterilised disposable equipment, especially in summer. Keep the tattooed area out away from the sun. Bathing and washing the area is not recommended as it could lead to sepsis,' says Dr Khanna.

‘Getting tattoos in summer is safe. The only thing that matters is hygiene,’ says Mohit.

‘The artist should be extremely cautious about the standards of hygiene and guide the client through the whole process,’ says an artist.

So next time want to get inked, remember to listen to your tattoo artist.
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