Get pretty for summer the right way

Get pretty for summer the right way
As mercury levels keep touching new highs this summer, getting dressed and putting on even the most basic amount of make up seems tedious. But with makeup being almost in inseparable part of our daily routine - there has to be a way to figure out how to get the basics right and not fall prey to a million heat induced acne issues.

But, as experts say, there are ways to look good and stay fresh without too much hassle.

Makeover consultant Aashmeen Munjaal has a few tips for summer to make makeup last longer and also look natural.

It is a serious fashion faux-pas to look caked up this season, so besides going easy on the foundation and heavy concealers – opt for something very light that allows your skin to breathe. A basic compact can do wonders if used right in this season. While foundations can be saved for the slightly cooler evenings, one can opt for the tinted sunscreens to give the same look as  foundation does and top it off with compact to do away with shine.

Sunscreen should be on top of all makeup lists because it is hell to get rid of a tan and the sun can play more havoc on the skin than simply darkening it. Premature aging, freckles and spots are also signs of sun damage.

To make your makeup long lasting put on a primer before applying makeup. Spray on a makeup fixture spray after you are done to make it resistant to sweat.

One can try sandalwood pack of rose water in sandalwood powder and apply it on the face just before applying makeup, it will make the skin dry and remove all the dirt and oil from the face. One can also use astringent and mint tissues to wipe the face. A better option is to keep the tissues in the freezer for five minutes before using them.

PH balance is the main factor to have healthy and glowing skin, to maintain it one should take coconut water or butter milk. Avoid fried things and spicy things on the day which you have to put on the makeup apart from fries one can have fresh fruits and fresh veggies and juices which will make the skin healthy and fresh. Make sure you are amply hydrated this season because dehydration eventually shows up on the skin leading to a pale, lack-luster complexion.

Maintaining the hair also becomes a problem during this season as wearing it up is not always a solution and keeping it down means the uncomfortable dirt, grime and sweat.

Besides the right shampoo and conditioner, here are a few more tips- The right hair cut, hair accessories and hair-styling products  can enhance how your tresses look, and make it easy for you to  maintain them. Girls who like to cut their hair short should stick to the natural look.
‘The bob has been there for ages. However, the layered bob is new option. It adds to the volume so it should be worn naturally. It’s best to work with one's natural texture,’ says a well known hair stylist.

To add a glamorous appeal to your look, use a bit of leave-in cream or a drop of serum as it gives your hair shine and defines the curls which add glamour appeal. Those with long locks can try the braided and ponytail look.

'Braids and ponytails on either side or center work well for the summer. Anything that keeps the hair away from the neck and face works very well and is extremely fuss free,' she said. To accessorise your long tresses, wear hair bands or flower clips, which are readily available in the markets.

Since it is summer, make sure that you go easy on the products you use, heavier sprays and conditioners together with the sweat will make your hair go limp and flat.  While frequent shampoo might dry your hair out, make sure you balance it out with a light conditioner - either a post shampoo or a dry spray-on one. 


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