Get a 'taste' of the Northeast

Get a taste of the Northeast
Ever wondered how the huge population from the northeastern part of the country survives in a city like Delhi which is, food-wise, vastly different from that part? Well, for one, coming to their rescue are shops which stock spices and food from the region right here in the capital.

The Hills, located at the Safdarjung Enclave is one such which is just like the corner shops in small towns of the Northeast. This shop does quite a job of bringing exotic flavours from the Northeast to your home. 'The whole idea of bringing up this shop was for the students and families from the Northeastern states residing here in Delhi,' said Kiny Zhimomi, the owner.

She remembers how as a student, away from home, she would miss home food. Sometimes during vacations she would hoard food items from home which would last her a couple of months at most.

And that was when she decided to open the store where people can walk in anytime and buy home food far away from home.

With globalisation came the influence of other cuisines. So it is not surprising that even people who do not belong to the hills are also customers at this shop. Cuisines from states like Nagaland, for instance, are quite popular even among those from north and other parts of India. This store caters to them as well.

The name 'The Hills' comes from the items found  here in the shop, reflecting the lifestyle and cuisines of the people of the Northeast. The food items found here are typically found and grown in the hilly regions of the Northeast.

Here one can find items like yams, Naga chillies, bamboo shoots, exotic wild apples, the local breed of Naga onions, pickles made from bitter gourd, pork, beef, other locally grown bitter vegetables, juice made from passion fruit, local breeds of ginger, etc. Opened in April, the store has already been getting good response from people from the Northeast and also those belonging to other states who have developed a taste for Naga food. 'Although nothing is concrete, going by the encouragement we have received so far, there sure will be more stores coming up,' said Zhimomi.

The store has not only revved up its stock but with the kind of feedback from the people it sure is creating a buzz around the place.
Lina Pegu

Lina Pegu

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