Germany’s growing tourism potential

Germany’s growing tourism potential
Germany is emerging as one of the most desired tourist desinations in the world and has hosted 692613 Indian travellers, who visited the country in 2015. With more than one-third of its landscape covered in woodlands, 48000 animal species living in the wild and over 350 islands amongst the other varied natural treasures, Destination Germany has a variety of natural attractions on offer.

In the press conference held on Thursday, the German National Tourist Office, India has revealed that due to  the steady growth in the number of travellers, they forecast a 8-10 per cent growth for the year 2016.

The German National Tourist Office has carried out several consumer, marketing and trade campaigns throughout the year to bring forth Germany’s attractions, activities and experiences to the enthusiastic travellers and they’re focusing on the theme ‘Germany- Holidays in the Heart of Nature for the year 2016.’

In addition to this core theme, GNTO would also be promoting 800 years of the famous Kreuzchor Choir from Dresden, theme parks in Germany and culinary Germany. The objectives of this year’s core campaign is to strengthen Germany’s image as a travel destination for natural and scenic holidays.

Speaking on the occasion, German Ambassador Dr Martin Ney said: “Germany stands not only for quality vehicles and world-class industry but has a lot more to offer. The country has vibrant cities, natural beauty and inspiring cultural monuments – just take Cologne Cathedral or the Semperoper in Dresden. The nearly twofold increase of Indian travellers in less than a decade shows that Germany is a trending destination on the global tourism map. To all those who are interested to see for themselves and explore the country I would like to extend a warm Herzlich willkommen”.

Romit Theophilus, Director for India at the German National Tourist Office, India said: “Germany is a magnificent destination with a plethora of scenic and natural landscapes to choose from. From the Zugspitze in the German Alps in the South, Wadden Sea in the Far North, the Bastei Rock formations in the East amongst many others, Germany has something for everyone. What’s more, all this is available at a phenomenal price, making Germany a very lucrative holiday destination.”

He added “At GNTO, we understand the need for innovation and try our best to update the travellers on the latest that Destination Germany has to offer, in keeping with the same we are very excited with the launch of the GNTO India Facebook page in February 2016. The page, which already has over 95000 fans, aims at giving out regular updates and live feedback to the Indian travellers whilst engaging them with exciting contests.”

The German National Tourist Office (GNTO), India is the official representative office of the German National Tourist Board. With its inception in 2006, the GNTO is based in New Delhi to facilitate, strategise and implement the goals outlined by the German National Tourist Board to enhance the positive image of Destination Germany.


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