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Germany approves aid for Afghanistan

The German government has approved a substantial USD 190 million contribution annually to bankroll an Afghan army, post withdrawal of foreign forces in 2014 from the war-torn country.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday pledged 150 million euros (USD 190 million) per year to Afghanistan from 2015 after a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Some cabinet ministers from both sides also attended the meeting at the chancellery in Berlin on Wednesday. The two countries agreed on the German funding for the Afghan security forces after 2014 in a comprehensive inter-governmental partnership agreement, which was signed during Karzai's visit.

Chancellor Merkel spoke of the agreement as a 'milestone' in the relations between the two countries because 'it makes clear that we feel committed to long-term development in Afghanistan.'

Merkel said she will take Germany's commitment to the NATO summit in Chicago on Sunday and Monday and convey to her alliance partners that her country is prepared to play its part in meeting the costs of the Afghan security forces after the ISAF forces leave.

The agreement also sets the framework for a long-term development cooperation between the two countries.
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