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Gay marriage important issue for Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore, who actively supports same-sex marriage, says gay marriage is an important issue to her.

‘Oh, yeah, absolutely, I am a feminist. At one point, ‘feminist’ became a pejorative term. How did that happen?’ quoted Moore as saying.

‘If you are a feminist, you are basically saying you are a humanist. That’s why the issue of gay marriage is so important to me. It is about everybody having the same shot at everything, at work, at marriage, at life,’ she added.

She recently took home the best actress award for television film Game Change at the Golden Globe. Moore, a mother of two — Caleb, 15, and 10-year-old Liv with husband Bart Freundlich — enjoys her children’s support.

‘What is so sweet is that they are old enough now to have seen me nominated and lose a few times, but kids generally have a lot invested in people winning. They’re always saying, ‘Did you win?’

‘And I will say, ‘No, but it’s ok, I still had fun, it’s an honour to be nominated.’ The last time I lost a Globe, my daughter made me one in art class. In fact, I think she made me a BAFTA (British Academy Films and Television Awards) as well, because I lost there that year, too,’ she said.
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