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Gavaskar defends MSD on ‘unrest’ comment

Gavaskar defends MSD on ‘unrest’ comment
Dhoni made the comment in the post-match presentation at the Gabba, fuelling speculation of differences between Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan but the visiting captain has cleared the air in a humorous pre-match presser in Melbourne on Thursday.

“He (Dhoni) probably used the wrong word. He might have said that there was a bit of ‘uncertainty’. I think instead of uncertainty he said unrest, because there was a bit of uncertainty whether Shikhar (Dhawan) will bat or whether Virat (Kohli) will have to go in immediately. So that was probably the word he might have wanted to use. Often you don’t get the right word in a live interview,” Gavaskar told a news channel.

“Now that he has come out in the open and clearly said that there is no rift between Virat and Dhawan I think we should accept the captain’s word. To doubt the Indian skipper is not the right thing to do. If he has said nothing, then it is nothing,” the former captain said.

Australia skipper Steven Smith was quick to latch on to the opposition dressing room rumour and did take a dig at Indian’s “whingeing among themselves” in the pre-match conference ahead of the third Test at MCG. “I feel what Smith would have said would have been a reaction of what he must have seen in the media about the differences of opinion between two players. But I don’t think we really should pay too much attention,” he said. 
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