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Garage owner hacked to death, looted in Siliguri

Manoj Sharma, a middle-aged person was hacked to death on Saturday night in Siliguri.

Sharma’s body was found from his garage lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The assailant took his ATM cards, credit cards, mobile phone, gold ring and scooter before fleeing.

The family of the deceased lodged a complaint with the local police and they initiated a murder case. 

However, the caretaker of the garage, who was under the payroll of Sharma’s transport company, is missing after the incident.

The family alleged that the caretaker was the conspirator. He might have killed Sharma himself or appointed a contract killer to do it for him. The police sent the blood-smeared body for autopsy.

“Sharma generally reached home around 10 pm. His wife called him up at around 11 pm when he did not return. His mobile phone was switched off. His wife then contacted to the caretaker. But the caretaker 
said that Sharma will reach late at his house and said Sharma was heavily drunk when he left the garage 
with some of his friends,” said a police officer.

“Sharma’s wife could not believe that her husband consumed so much alcohol that he could not reach home. She instead called up the neighbours and reached the garage. She used the alternative key to pull up the shutter of the garage. She found her husband lying on the floor in a pool of blood. But she could not find his mobile phone, ATM cards and gold jewelleries and other important documents. She then called up the police from there,” the officer added.

Police are in search of the caretaker whose role is dubious in the case.

“The caretaker was trying to confuse Sharma’s wife. We think that he is the main culprit. He wanted Rs 5,000 cash from Sharma. But Sharma declined his demand recently. He may have taken revenge,” the officer added.

However, Sharma and his wife were well known in the locality. They used to do many social services in their locality.

“The death of the garage owner is really sad. Manoj Sharma was a well behaved person. He kept good relationship with his neighbours. His wife is also amiable lady,” said a neighbour.

Meanwhile, the investigating officers are waiting for autopsy report.

“A fingerprint expert visited the spot and took some samples from there. The knife which he was hacked with, will be recovered soon,” hinted an investigating officer.
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