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Gang that stole from moving cars by spraying pepper busted

They fume your car engine by throwing some fluid on it. They flush you out of your vehicle by using pepper spray inside your car and when you are out to check the fuming engine and get back to your car, you realise that you have been robbed of your valuables. This was the modus operandi of a gang operating in the city.

This time the gang got a jackpot when they realised that the man they robbed with this modus oprandi had three bricks of gold bricks each weighing one kilogram. The cops say the market price of the gold is approximately Rs one crore.

It was usual business day for a gold trader from Uttrakhand Rachit Gupta. He hired a taxi to get his business consignment of three kg gold bricks from Delhi’s Janakpuri in West Delhi. Never did he realise that he was being followed and a gang had its eye on his bag that was kept at the rear seat of the car.

As the car reached Pankha Road, his car was hit by a motorbike from behind but with gold bricks inside the car Rachit avoided confrontation and moved on. Later, two bike-borne men indicated that some fumes are coming out of the car’s engine. This time both the driver and Rachit fell for the trap. They moved out of the car to see from where the fumes were coming out. After they detected nothing abnormal in the engine, both got back in the car but realised the car had some spray inside that irritated the eyes. Both got out again. This time when they got in, they realised that the gold bag was missing.

An FIR was registered and the cops formed several teams to nab the accused. The modus operandi led the cops to Madangir and Ambedkar Nagar where the accused were identified using human intelligence. “We have arrested a man and apprehended a juvenile in this case. This gang use to roam about in the city in a group of six  people on motorcycles. Usually, they distributed the money easily but were not able to dispose off the gold bricks and were caught,” said DCP West, Vijay Kumar.

More about the gang
  • They have graduated from the Thak Thak gang and have evolved new theft techniques. Thak Thak gang use to knock at your car window and the other person of the gang walked away taking your belongings from the different side
  • They throw an egg at your car’s windshield, the wiper spreads the egg white making the mirror opaque. You come out and your belongings are gone
  • They fume your engine, alert the driver and wait for you to move out. You step out and the valuables are gone
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