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Gang of ten school boys arrested on charges of theft

A gang of ten boys, all of them aged around 10-14 years were arrested on the charge of stealing mobile phones and food from shops in the dark. The gang was captured by the police and ten of the gang members were taken to the Juvenile Justice Court at Bankura.

Some of the boys were studying in Class VI and rest were in Class VII, made a gang to loot the mobile phones and delicious cakes from the shops in Bankura’s Fulkushuma under the jurisdiction of Barikul police station. Police sources said that they have been doing this act successfully for several months.

The source also said that their modus operandi was also simple. They used to break open the lock or pulled the asbestos-roof to enter inside. They took mobile phones and cake from different shops in Fulkushuma market.

“Recently, they pulled an asbestos-roof off a mobile shop and entered there. They did not get any mobile phones there, but took some data cards, recharge coupons and SIM cards. They had covered their faces with towels to hide their identities. The towel accidentally fell from the face of a boy and his identity was disclosed to the surveillance camera attached there. We spotted the boy at a local school and the whole gang came into our net,’ said a police officer.

“It is really an extraordinary incident. I haven’t seen such cases in my profession. We have produced those boys to the Juvenile Justice court. Now we will follow the court’s order,” said an investigating officer.

The teachers of that school where those boys were studying were shocked by the fact. They cannot even imagine that such things can happen. Some of those students were bright in academics curriculum.

“We have seized 6 mobile phones from those boys. Some shop keepers have reported us about these mysterious thefts which were taking place in this area. Those boys inspected the area before sneaking into any shops just like any professional gangs do,” the officer added.

The families of those ten boys were called up at the police station and they were also taken to the court, the police informed.
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