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GAIL not to shut Assam LPG recovery plant

GAIL's Lakwa plant will continue to operate with change in product while requirement for majority of contract workers will continue and contractors will be persuaded to engage existing workers, a GAIL press release said.
BCPL is in the process of commissioning the petrochemical plant and to make it operational and viable. Supply of natural gas from OIL, ONGC and naptha from NRL has been arranged for feed stock.

Gas available in and around Lakwa region was also being considered as feedstock to make the project viable, it said. Since gas available at Lakwa was to be processed for producing C2+ feed, economics was worked out for transporting natural gas vis-a-vis C2+ feed through pipeline from Lakwa to BCPL at Lepetkata and was found that transportation of C2+ feed was more economical and would be in the larger interest of the project, the release added. C2+ is the hydrocarbon needed for production of polyethylene.

Regarding apprehension that there would be shortfall in the supply of LPG to Assam and the North East, GAIL had informed Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) about the conversion of GAIL's LPG plant into C2+ recovery unit by BCPL.
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