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Furore over baby abuse in Malaysia

Disturbing footage has emerged showing a Malaysian mother repeatedly hitting and kicking her defenceless ten-month-old daughter.

The  footage which is just over four minutes long has caused fury on the internet, with many users who watched the video labelling the mother as 'sadistic' and 'not fit to be near children'.

A friend of the mother, who was 18 at the time of the incident, had become concerned after witnessing her beating the child previously, so filmed the abuse and took the video evidence to the police.

Thought to be filmed on a mobile phone, the mother, who is unmarried, is seen sitting on a bed, while the baby is on the corner of the mattress, crying hysterically as she lies face down. The woman hits her over the head repeatedly with a cushion and at one point throws her mobile phone at her.

As the wailing intensifies the woman pinches her arms and thighs and kicks her. According to the chief of police in Petaling Jaya, the mother was convicted of child abuse and sentenced to 18 months in prison.The baby was put into the care of a foster family .


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