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Furious debate over ‘funding’

PM Modi questions Kejriwal integrity
With just four days to go for polling in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday spared neither the Congress nor the Aam Aadmi Party in his scathing attack at his third rally in the national Capital. Modi, who will address two more rallies in the city, attacked AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal, who is seen by the BJP as the man to beat in these elections, on the issue of malpractice in donations
received by AAP.

While addressing a huge gathering at Rohini, Modi said: “Those who posed as Mr Clean are exposed as dishonest today,” adding: “Rajiv Gandhi tried to show that he was Mr Clean but there was corruption...Our country can forgive mistakes, but not betrayal.” Mocking Kejriwal’s defence that his party should not be held responsible for failing to verify the financial DNA of four companies, Modi said: “The people who would once go around with Swiss bank account numbers in their pockets don’t know whose money is coming into their accounts?”

“Kaala dhan, kaali raat, kaala karnama (black money, black night, black deeds) is something we’ve seen for the first time,” the Prime Minister said. The Congress, Modi said, had wasted 15 years of Delhi, and the AAP had wasted one. “It is the BJP’s responsibility to set right all that has gone wrong in the past 16 years,” he said.

AAP slams BJP double-speak on funding

The allegations of financial impropriety against  AAP by the BJP, armed with documents furnished by a break away group of AAP exposes the national party’s growing anxiety over its fate in Delhi and its own double-speak on political funding, claimed a senior AAP leader on Tuesday.

The BJP backed up the charges by AAP Volunteer Action Manch (AVAM),  group that broke away from the AAP, that the latter had received Rs 2 crore from bogus companies. Their charge is that AAP has received Rs 50 lakh each from four companies that were non-existent and the party was in fact indulging in money laundering. BJP leaders, including its  recent convert Shazia Ilmi, dubbed it a “Hawala at midnight” because the AAP website showed the transactions materialising at midnight, and alleged that shell companies were routing black money to AAP.

"Between 2004-5 and 2011, the BJP had apparently received Rs 952.5 crore from unknown sources, while Congress received a whopping Rs 1,951 crore. The party accuses AAP of money laundering because some funds, as stated by the AAP itself, came from dubious sources, should also say that it doesn’t know the source of three-fourth of its donations,” a senior AAP leader said.

The AAP while laughing off these allegations on Monday called for a Supreme Court monitored special investigation team to probe political funding.
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