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Funny as ever

Funny as ever
Behroopiya Entertainers in association with Loony Goons and Comedy Central brings you Improv Premier League with Abijit Ganguly, Nishant Tanwar, Neeti Palta and Zakir Khan. The dialogue, action,  story and the characters are created collaboratively by the artistes as the improvisation unfolds in present time, without use of an already prepared, written script.

One of the few female English stand up comedians in the country, Neeti is now a Bollywood screenplay writer. She was voted as the Best Stand Up Comic at the Oz Fest. 

Abijit has been performing as a stand-up artiste for three years now, and is presently around 200+ shows old. His humour is essentially anything and everything he finds funny, be it stereotype observations, alcoholism, office experience, student life, relationships marriage comparison, daily experiences, parties, Bengali-Punjabi tussle, beggars, media, Delhi metro, Facebook, societal problems, middle class life, etc. Mostly, his sets are anecdotes and he relies on audience relating to what they hear in order to get the laughs.

Nishant Tanwar, known as ‘Joke Singh’ in the stand-up comedy circuit, takes digs at stereotypes and Indian culture. Interacting effortlessly with his audience, Nishant Joke Singh's humor is universal - connecting with all segments of people breaking social and age group barriers. 

Zakir Khan is the winner of Comedy Central’s hunt for Best Stand Up Comic of india .and the winner of foster's lol evenings. He is a cartoon by heart, comedian by nature, a writer by profession and performer by birth.

When: 26 October Where: Alliance Francis de Delhi, Lodhi Road Timings: 8 pm Entry Ticket: Rs 500

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