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From USA to South Korea to Brazil, Facebook now has 2 mn advertisers

Dan Levy, Facebook’s vice president for global marketing and small business, said the number of advertisers has doubled over the past year and a half. “We think it’s a strong sign of the commitment we are making to help small businesses,” Levy said. “They continue benefiting the economy for their
region and the world.”

Levy said the new Ads Manager app would give those advertisers the ability to manage their ads from mobile devices, as Facebook becomes increasingly used on smartphones and tablets. A Facebook post signed by chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg paid tribute to the small businesses using Facebook, and noted that the Ads Manager app for Apple devices would be available as of Wednesday and in the next two weeks worldwide.

“This is a moment to celebrate all the incredible entrepreneurs like you who are creating value for their communities,” Zuckerberg and Sandberg wrote, citing entrepreneurs using Facebook in places ranging from North Carolina to South Korea to the Brazilian Amazon. “And there are more than two million other inspiring stories of people working to grow their businesses. You’re creating jobs, sharing new ideas and inspiring all of us to dream big,” they said.

However, only 13 per cent of subscribers in India are using 3G and 4G networks even as high speed mobile data services are being around for over two years, a study by Facebook-led said. According to the report, India stands at the bottom when it comes to mobile data usage. aims to brings together a global partnership of tech leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect two thirds of the world that do not have internet access.

“Countries like India are indicative of entry-level data use. Based on Cisco’s 2014 VNI Mobile Forecast, India is at the lower-end of global use, in that mobile users average 149 MB per month,” the study said.

The report puts entry-level data usage at below 100 MB per month. Assuming the top 20 per cent of users generate 85 per cent of traffic, the bottom 80 per cent average less than 30 MB per month, it added.
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