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From times immemorial

From times immemorial
Essaying the philosophy of Shakyamuni Gautam Buddha, a dance and music production titled Shunyata by the Grammy Award winners, the Buddhist Monks of the Sherabling Monastic Seat and the Kathak Maestro, Guru Shovana Narayan with her Asavari repertory is being organised in the Capital. 

Emptying oneself of ego, fear of pain, illness, old age and death by implicit acceptance of suffering (dukhasatya) will lead to understanding the cause of suffering (samudayasatya). Such an understanding will help in cessation of suffering (nirodhasatya) that in turn will lead to a luminous mind with consequent attainment of state of inner harmony and ananda (bliss).

Set in four acts, the production is a journey through the experiences of Emperor Ashoka, Kisa and the mustard seeds and of Sujata and milk rice. Each of these experiences essay the time immemorial quest and fears that each person goes through and for which answers have to be found by each within himself or herself.

30 September
Where: Kamani Auditorium

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