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From the Kolkata kitchens

Satiate your love for Bengali cuisine as The Imperial, New Delhi’s Executive Chef Vishal Atreya brings to you gourmet from Kolkata kitchens, the culinary capital of Bengal. From ‘Daab Chingri’ to ‘Shukto’ and ‘Ilish Maach Bhape’, the spices, the flavours and the aroma will delight you in each bite. Take on an epicurean sojourn of East India, only at The Imperial’s Daniell’s Tavern. But in the meanwhile you can try these two recipes at home!



prawn c-grade 1 kg
mustard seeds 25 gm
yellow chilli powder 10 gm
coconut milk 500 ml
g/g paste 10 gm
salt to taste 15 gm
coconut green 5 nos.
haldi powder 15 gm
desi ghee 150 gm
coriander leaves 10 gm
ginger 10 gm
onion seeds 10 gm
jeera powder 15 gm
khus- khus 50 gm
punchpuran 10 gm

-take a pan and heat oil in it
-add mustered seeds and punchpuran. wait till it crackles
- then add prawns, salt, turmeric pwd and cook it well
-then add coconut milk and khus-khus paste
-finish with chopped corriander and serve it in a coconut shell ( daab)


fish (calcutta bekti) 1 kg
ginger 30 gm
garlic 30 gm
maida 50 gm
turmeric power 20 gm
salt 15 gm
egg 5 nos.
oil for frying 100 ml
 -take a bowl and add sliced bekti fish
-than add ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, salt, egg and flour
- mix it well.then fry in oil and serve
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