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From the beginning to infinity

From the beginning to infinity
The third edition of CITI-NCPA titled, Aadi Anant, will showcase works that are deeply embedded in the tradition. Aadi – the beginning, Anant – the timeless, the eternal, the one that has no end, will showcase defined art works that are seeks to reach out into the infinite depths of artistic traditions, fostered by the current socio - cultural environment.

The event is being organised by NCPA with CITI in across three cities Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. During the event classical maestro Rashid Khan will present an array of forms from classical, semi-classical and light-music genres.

Rashid Khan is the torchbearer of Rampur-Sahaswan gharana. With his robust yet sonorous voice, uncanny technical control oversargam and taankari, effortless rendition of varied forms from khayal, tarana and thumri to geet, Rashid Khan is one of the most sought-after vocalists today.

The festival salutes the artistic legacy as well as heartily welcome the innovative endeavours, with a hope that together with other artistes it can nurture and nourish creative excellence and enrich our heritage for the benefit of generations to follow.

When: 12 January
Where: FICCI auditorium
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