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From Russia, with love and dance

From Russia, with love and dance
Here’s your chance to experience something elegant. Catch a glimpse of dances from across Russia in the capital. The Russian performance ballet group Exiton is coming all the way from Ulyanovsk City in Russia to perform here.

The performance is being organised by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) along with the Inter-Regional Public Organisation Dostoyaniye and Embassy of the Russian Federation in India.

The performance is directed and choreographed by Elena Barkaytis. They will showcase acrobatic modern dance. ‘The concert programme for Delhi includes a number of dance items and each one of them narrates a different story,’ said Yelena Shtapkina, Deputy Director, RCSC.

Among the dance items are Young Cossack Girls. This will showcase the lives of Cossacks, who  were free land owners living at the borders and were responsible for protecting the state’s borders. They were brave and daring and their girls learnt sharpshooting and cavalry sword and were able to replace men in a battlefield.

Small Bee is a comic dance about a girl who is proud of her long braid. Fixes is a comic folk dance where each performer gets the opportunity to show what he or she is good at.

Among the other performances are Small mosquitoes, Why don’t people fly? [which will enact man’s eternal dream to fly], and
Shorty Monkeys
[which revisits childhood days when you copy various habits and gestures].

Everybody’s heard of waltz. The genre is also getting quite popular in the city along with salsa. Now you get a chance to watch a performance of waltz where couples follow the rhythm of music to become one.

Moving away from the genre of romance, wooers is a comic folk dance where young fellows compete among themselves and try to outperform others.

One will also get to witness quadrille — a fast lively folk dance form which first started in the 17th century. This dance form is also popular in England, France and the rest of Europe and also the US.

From the Volga to the Yenisey is a journey that captures the beauty and riches of unlived in ranges accompanying their toil and songs and dances.

Pepping up the mood is Dance of Sailors which is a series of interconnected and sequentially developing events which reflect the various qualities of a warrior.

Clockwork Toys
takes you back to childhood days with the absolute merriment that only a child posses. The group will jump, gallop, somersault and everything else you generally associate childhood fun with. Get a glimpse of life in Carpathia with Trans-Carpathian Capers which follows the dance of the region.

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