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Freshers in town

 Isha Arora |  2013-04-11 03:00:15.0  |  New Delhi

Freshers in town

Zoo is an electronic/ alternative rock band, new on the block, coming all the way from Kolkata to woo you Delhiites. They came together as a band with Tanya sen on vocals, Bodhisattva Ghost on Guitars/lyrics, Proshanto Mahato on Bass and Rohit Nandi on drums in the year 2011. From then on it’s been a good ride as they came out with their first album, The Attic Sessions, quite early in their career in 2012. Rohit tells us, ‘We were into music since school days. Before coming up with our band, we played for Crystal Grass’.

Zoo finds its queer nomenclature from a very well thought out sociological idea. As Rohit puts it, ‘Each of our lives is trapped somehow. We are all living in a human zoo and that’s where our band’s name comes from’. Interesting, isn’t it? Their music is influenced by the nuances of metropolitan lives. It has up on its sleeve some of its own compositions for the gig in Delhi- watch out for zoo.

Zoo’s playing in Café Morrison on 14 April. Mark the date and head over.

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