Freezing the change

Freezing the change
MK Gandhi showed that to the world. A group of youngsters seem to have been inspired by the same ideals and are trying to bring about a revolution through non violent means. Adopting the tactics of  freeze mob, this group is aiming to raise awareness.

‘We are a part of Education tree, a student led organisation which encourages the country’s youth to take up social and environmental responsibilities and bring about a holistic change and development of the issues involved,’ said Shivani Dewan, member, Education Tree.

‘One of the important project of the organisation is Jo mera hai wo mera hai – My body My rights, of which I am a part of. It’s centred on taking up womens’ safety issues after the recent gangrape incident. As a part of this initiative we wish to create awareness among people about the various organisations, helplines, women’s groups, mobile applications which can provide help to women in distress,’ she added.

‘We noticed that even after such a gruesome incident most women in the Capital are not aware of helpline numbers or self-defence techniques. Our main focus is to show do’s and dont’s both men and women should follow as a part of the society,’ said the JMC student.

So what exactly is a freeze mob? ‘It’s a silent way of protesting to spread the message. We are in total around 50-60 people from different walks of life who will participate in the activity which aims to bring about a constructive change through non violent protests. We mostly use unique art forms like graffiti, posters with slogans and street dancing (gestures) to create this awareness and sensitivity,’ said Shivani.

‘One of the most memorable moment was at the recent event at Dilli Haat (during Comic Con), where while we did a freeze mob. We got a good response,’ she added.

So far the group has done over 100 freeze mobs at different locations in Delhi and are gearing up for their recent.


At- DLF PLace Saket
When- 24 February
Timings- 4.30 pm  6 pm
Anubha Singh

Anubha Singh

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