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Freedom echoes

Freedom echoes
Using newspaper imprint on aluminum, the daily clamor of information in today’s day and age is reflected from which the stenciled words emerge in a golden luster. The auditory impulse of the work transforms the place into a meditative and introspective zone.

The idea behind it is that the bludgeoning sound levels enveloping us in our daily urban charade is slowly silencing the peace and tranquility of our times. Today, it is the noise of urban, metropolis hurry and flurry that brings consolation to many, for it keeps them away from the demons of their actions, which they have to face when surrounded by silence.

The size of pipe of the outer frame is-10"diameter, the chimes-height is 8ft x 10"diameter, made out of aluminum, silkscreen print, airbrush on stencil and drawing using pen and ink. iron, metal,  wood and metal paints. Painted over the cylindrical metallic tubes, are words that people, things and objects that have made a difference in people’s lives have written either in Hindi or in English. A softheaded hammer is also kept at the audience’s disposal to strike the tubes with.

Sounds of Freedom believes, “Gender is not just a woman’s problem, it is a man’s as well. Let’s stand together in the fight for gender equality and freedom of creative expression” This was the inspiration for most activities on the occasion.

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