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Four reasons to be there

Four reasons to be there
Mark your calendar for two consecutive evenings as the Capital is going to see some extraordinary performances going to be staged on 19 June onwards. The show combines dance, drama, music and poetry.

A literally gifted troupe from Sadhana led by prominent dance proponent, Lubna Mariam from Dhaka will be showcasing the brilliance of the Bengali performing traditions from Bangladesh for the evenings!

On the opening day(19 June) will see the performance titled, From Finite to Infinite: The Spirit of Bangladesh. It is a 60 minute dance and drama piece.

From Finite to Infinite, or Atma theke Paramatrna, is a presentation of the mystic musical - dancing traditions of Bangladesh which inherently believe that the finite body has the potential to realize the infinite creative principle through corporeal practices.

Through centuries these practices have empowered the common man to think beyond the normative confines of sectarian beliefs.

The performances, including Buddhist Charya, Vaishnava Manipuri, Brahrro and Baul, give a historical perspective of the traditions, through music and dance, while reflecting the essence of the Spirit of Bangladesh.

The followind day (20 June) will feature Towards Light which is also a 60 minute dance and drama presentation.

Towards light, or Alor pane praner chawla is a geeti-nritya alekhya, or presentation through words and movements, that describes the, almost, indescribable journey of our prana, or life force, towards the illuminating light of jnana or knowledge.

It is based on excerpts of songs and poems by Rabindranath Tagore, who himself was continuously journeying towards enlightenment. So get ready to hail the evening of endless gaeity.
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