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Four of eight-member mountaineering team scaling Mount Everest missing

But an uncertainty looms large over the condition of four of the mountaineers who started their journey to the Everest did not return to the base camp till the latest available report on Saturday evening.

Eight members of a team started their journey from the camp on Friday but eventually four climbers were reported to have successfully climbed the peak while the other four went missing on their journey to the mountain peak.

This had triggered tension among the four who successfully returned to the nearest camp and the family members of the missing mountaineers. It may be mentioned that three other climbers had successfully climbed the Everest on Friday.

The four members of the team which comprised of 8 members who had initially started their journey together, returned back successfully. 

The team was headed by Moloy Mukherjee who successfully scaled Mount Everest with others. Last year Mukherjee tried to climb Everest but due to the earthquake in Nepal he could not fulfill his aim. 

During Saturday’s attempt he successfully scaled the mountain peak but could not perhaps enjoy the glorious moment as the news of some fellow mountaineers not returning to the base camp till Saturday evening had arrived. 

Those who went missing are Goutam Ghosh, Sunita Hazra, Paresh Nath and Subhas Pal. They were supposed to come by conquering the highest peak by 11 am on Saturday but they did not return till Saturday evening. The mountaineers who had earlier climbed various peaks said that there were many challenges in this situation. The mountaineers might face scarcity of oxygen.

Incidentally it may be mentioned that Rajib Bhattacharya, a resident of Howrah had died on Friday while descending to the nearest camp after scaling Dhaulagiri. It was told that he had suffered frost blindness on his eyes after sun rays reflected to his eyes on the ice.

Though, mystery shrouds over his death as some other members of the expedition team from Pune reported that Rajib did not reached the summit and he might have died on the way to the peak.

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