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Four cops suspended for negligence

Three constables and a head constable was suspended on Wednesday for not being present during their duty hours. Apparently, V V Chaudhary, Additional Commissioner of Police (North-East), who came to visit two crime spots in Mansarovar Park in Delhi decided to go on a surprise inspection and found that the four cops were negligent about the beat duties assigned to them.

'Once a constable is assigned a particular region, he has to be physically present during his duty timings. But when I went, the four constables were not there. So, I have given an order to suspend them,' said Chaudhary.

The constables are identified as Suraj Bhan, Hari Om, Ishwar and the head constable, Vinod. All four of them are deployed in Mansarovar Park police station and are over 40 years old. When Chaudhary questioned them about their absence, they informed him that they had gone to eat something.

Two of the constables, Hari Om and Ishwar - were absent from their duty posts when a 28-year-old man was shot by two bike borne assailants. 

The man tried to stop the accused from snatching a chain from a woman. The incident took place in broad daylight in the presence many.

A woman identified as Manju had come to visit a relative living in Durgapuri area. She was accompanied by another relative named Sanju. They were walking down the road near Durgapuri extension when they were stopped by the assailants.

They allegedly tried to snatch the gold chain that Manju was wearing. Manju's shout for help attracted the attention of a couple inside a black Hyundai Getz. The victim, identified as Vinay, who was driving the car, swung into action and rammed the car into the assailants' motorcycle.

The snatchers fell on the road as a result of the impact. One of them opened fire and pumped a bullet into Vinay's abdomen. They also fired at his wife Chanchal sitting on the passenger side of the car, but she escaped narrowly. The assailants then ran away from the crime scene, leaving the motorcycle behind.

While the other suspended constable, Suraj Bhan and head constable Vinod were supposed to have been at Nathu Colony Chowk, but both of them were also not present at their respective spots.

Near Nathu Colony Chowk, two other incidents took place around the time the constables went missing. In one incident, Rs 16,000 was snatched from a man who had just then withdrawn the cash from a nearby bank in Mansarovar Park. A PCR call was also received about a woman who was murdered by her neighbour, but later when the police reached the spot, they found that the woman was not murdered, but was only suffering from minor injuries. The woman was having a heated conflict with her neighbour that turned into a scuffle.

Since V V Chaudhary joined as additional commissioner of police, he has been on a constant vigil against those cops who were shirking their responsibilities. Earlier, Chaudhary had asked the cops not to wear civil clothes during their duty.

According to sources, if a cop goes to the police station during the day or night briefing in civil clothes, he is asked to change his clothes immediately.
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