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Forms of expression

Forms of expression
Your Form is My Creation, a title conceived by Bhaskar Hande, has an interesting connotation to it. This expression which would generally be attributed to God’s creation of mankind is a take from Namdev’s verse Tuze Roop Maze Nayani. Indulging in play of words, the artiste recreates the expression. Bhaskar Hande’s art works are purely impressive and generally satisfies all of the aforementioned areas. Bhaskar seems to find equilibrium in his paintings that would satisfy most.

The colours used in his painting give a satisfaction that one rarely experiences. One can feel the waves of subtle colours that emanate from the great man’s paintings and the standards which he has been setting high for rest of the artists. Although Bhaskar has an obvious respect for the physics of the colour and the juxtaposition of one colour with another etc. he introduces a subtle nuance of colour within each painting that gives it extra magic.

The quiet yet resolute handling of the colour elements leads hande to amazing results.

With acrylic and oil paints he worked in variegated techniques and loves to come up with unusual images.

When one considers either, the structure of a painting, the colour or the subject matter, it is quite common to be disappointed with at least one of those factors within the painting. Of course ones brief differs from person to person and the importance of any one of the above considerations may also differ, and so it should.

Hande prefers the small format where he can control the artistic processes. Acrylic paints are his preferred mediums. He studied cinema in India as a painter focusing on craftsmanship of movie poster.

The lithographs and sculptures are a visual tribute to Sant Tukaram of the Bhakti Movement, the paintings have drawn inspiration from mysticism of sufi Vankari tradition as expounded by Bulleh shah and Namdev respectively amongst others. Most of bhaskar hande’s early work stem for ideologies of spiritual thinkers and poets. the imaginary in his later period paintings especially the current exhibits represent contemporary influences.

The transforming environment, be it social, cultural or geographic take shape of geometric forms and merging colors on his canvases.  In his paintings there is an intense exploration of the material instead of technical and artistic refinement. The surface is treated as a crime scene, target, dance and soundboard, space, battlefield or tender skin. It often seems to be pitch-perfect choreography, the traces of which, without space coordinates, compress and loosen.

Art and Aesthetic,  Lado Sarai
When: February 23 till March 18
Timings: 11:00 am till 7.00pm

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