Former student ransacks professor’s room in CU

Former student ransacks professor’s room in CU
The incident had spread tension among the students who came to write their examination paper in the department. 

According to the university sources, the examination got delayed due to the incident. The students at the department saw that a former student Mamoni Sardar had stormed into the classroom and wrote some objectionable statements against Sucharita Banerjee who is a teacher of the department. 

The students had immediately drawn the attention of the senior officials and the teachers of the university. Though there was no formal complaint in the police station, the police have interrogated the accused and came to know that Mamoni has been a psychiatric patient. 

The police are however looking into how a former student got access to the classroom and went into the teacher’s room and ransacked a portion of the room. She had also damaged some furniture. According to the preliminary investigation, police suspect that Mamoni had a quarrel with the teacher. They are investigating if Monday’s incident was anyhow related to the old fall out. 

The incident has evoked a sense of awe among the students and teachers as how a former student of a particular department storm into the room of a teacher and ransack the furniture of the room. They have raised the security issue of the teachers inside the university campus. People from all walks of the society have criticised Monday’s incident. 

They said that if such incidents happen at prestigious university like CU, what will be the condition of teachers at other institutions. The university authorities have said that they are looking into the matter. 



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