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Foreigners in UK may have to vow allegiance to British values

The foreigners who want to work, study or do business in Britain would have to pledge allegiance to so-called “British values” if the proposals being mulled by the United Kingdom government are adopted as part of the counter-terrorism measures.

A draft report ordered by UK Home Secretary Theresa May is aimed at tackling visitors with extremist ideas such as hardline preachers who seek to radicalise followers in Britain.

“We want to make clear to those seeking to visit, work or study in the UK, and those granted protection, that they need to abide by and respect British values throughout their stay in this country,” the report was quoted as saying by ‘Financial Times’.

“We will make British values an integral part of applying for a visa,” the report said.

The newspaper also quoted a senior Liberal Democrat party official as describing the Conservative party’s concept a “ridiculous idea”.

“The Tories talk a good game about the global race and then come forward with preposterous ideas like this, which is completely at odds with the Britain we want, that’s tolerant and open for business and trade and investment. This just isn’t a proportionate response,” the official said.

The move is likely to face opposition as UK businesses and universities have frequently warned that already overly cumbersome visa rules and bureaucracy were hampering Britain’s competitiveness for the best and brightest students and employees.



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