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Foreign powers backed coup attempt: Gambian president

Foreign powers backed coup attempt:  Gambian president
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has accused foreign powers of supporting the attempted coup earlier this week by a group of soldiers who took advantage of his absence from the country and attacked the presidential palace, media reported on Thursday.

In his first public statement since the incident on Tuesday, Jammeh said what happened not as a coup, but as an “armed attack”.

“It was an attack by terrorist groups backed by some foreign powers which I will not name now,” Jammeh said in a televised address on Wednesday night, according to the Gambian newspaper Jollofnews.

The president explained that the weapons confiscated by the security forces were made in the US, and said that the intelligence services will be revealing further details soon.

Although the international community called the attack on the presidential palace a coup attempt,
Gambian Minister for Presidential Affairs Kalilou Bayo said that contrary to rumours.


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