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Foreign languages are anti-national: DU prof

Foreign languages are anti-national: DU prof
Bharwaj is of the view that foreign languages ‘destroy’ our cultural identity. He said, ‘There are three languages that we can study as per our constitution. First is our mother tongue, second is English and third language is optional which we can choose from various Indian languages like Sanskrit, Urdu or Malayam among others. By bringing languages like German or French, we are destroying our own languages.’ He also clarified that Sanskrit shouldn’t be made compulsory for students.

‘Don’t make Sanskrit compulsory. Rather, the students shall be given options to choose from any Indian language they wish to study. If they want to learn foreign languages, there are lot of private institutions which provide diploma courses in them.’ He further argued that Sanskrit is one of the oldest language. ‘Why should we kill our own cultural identity. Various languages have been reformed and derived from it’, he added.

The German-Sanskrit language controversy brewed when on 27 October, the Kendriya Vidyalaya governing body took decision to discontinue German language in all its schools. The governing body, rather asked its schools to teach Sanskrit as third language.

Meanwhile, the union Human Resource Development ministry has turned down the proposal of KV’s governing body.
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