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Force India team close to firebomb blast

The close proximity of civil unrest and danger in Bahrain was made clear to the Force India
Formula One team last night when a firebomb exploded as they returned from the Sakhir circuit to their hotel.

The incident happened as the vehicle was stuck in a traffic jam, Bahrain International Circuit chairman Zayed R Alzayani told Autosport magazine. Nobody was injured, but one member of the team, based at Silverstone in England, decided afterwards to leave Bahrain and return home.

The four mechanics, who were in a hire car, were accidentally caught up in a clash between protesters and police on the main motorway from Manama to the circuit at Sakhir, Alzayani said.

The four in the car returned safely to their hotel and they decided to stay on. The team member going home was not involved.

Alzayani played down the matter, and said he would not request any tighter security as a result.
'It was an isolated incident and my wife was involved too," he said.

'The protesters were not targeting the cars, they just happened to be there. Nobody was injured. I don't command the police. They know what to do better than I do. I have a race to run,' he said.

The blast happened when the traffic came to a halt and a 'Molotov cocktail' exploded near their car.
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