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For the soul and more

For the soul and more
As Pablo Picasso said, ‘art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’. This is the idea behind Searching Soul,  the solo show by artist Suddha Sama. The show is on from 3 November to 12 November in the capital’s Lalit Kala Akademi.

Suddha, an alumni of the  Agra college, is a recipient of a Prashasti Patra by, former president
Giani Zail Singh. For Suddha, art is not just part of life; art is life in its own way. Art has been a driving force for the wheels of life voyages for Suddha.

Her art work flows through her inner visions, attached more towards the healing effect of art conveying the thoughts, beauty, colours, harmony with a touch of inner peace, a joy and hope to lift the spirit positively. In this series she is grounded, fearlessly using her mind’s eye and her heart’s generosity to look beyond the superficial faces. She requires no features to aid expression. The lines and colours lend enough depth to denote spiritual growth. she experiments with charcoal, eschewing colour in totality. The chakras, the cosmic union, symbolic motifs, and of course, nature, slowly unfolds in series.

Suddha loves to paint rainbow, swan and lotus in her art, depicting them as symbols of happiness and purity. She considers that people who view her art feel a state of happiness and calmness, and if their spirits are filled with positive emotions her work is accomplished.

The women in her portraits seem self-sufficient; captured in various moods, epitomizing self-containment. Her landscapes are expressed just as the female, forms-dynamic, ever changing, beckoning the viewer with their mysteries, and holding a promise of ecstatic freedom at their contemplative beings. In juxtaposition to her landscape are her charcoal drawings of women, expressing a sense of freedom and dynamism in the flowing curves and diagonal movements with the male figures almost like an intruding shadow.

There are almost ten solo exhibitions and more than 35 group exhibitions to her credit and for her it has been a blissful journey  so far.

Where: Lalit Kala Akademi, Copernicus road When:  3- 12 November

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