For the love of theatre

For the love of theatre
In order to present the best of theatre, a series of plays were staged as a part of the ongoing 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav on February 14 in the national Capital.

Titled 'Nyayapriya', the first play outlines the story of an underground revolutionary group which plans to murder a British Collector in colonial India. 

Tej Pratap, a fugitive living in Canada, comes and joins the group who along with Shekhar, popularly called Mastana in the group, decide to bomb the carriage of the British collector’s.

Directed by Parvez Akhtar and written by Albert Camus, the play was performed by Natmandap group. “This is the second play of Albert Camus which I have directed, after Caligula. On the outset it seems like a wordy, ordinary and realistic play. 

The play, which begins with ordinary characters and their conversation, gradually moves on to the struggle of thoughts which is depicted with a simple set and light design to create and appropriate ground and atmosphere for the actors. 

The effort of this presentation is to express the sublime emotion with realistic performance instead of melodrama", said the director. 

The second play titled 'Natakar Naam Ki' has been directed by Saurav Palodhi and written by Anurag Roy Chowdhury. 

A self-fascinated playwright lives with his own thoughts in a self-created solitary world. One day he creates two characters, ‘Ichheymoti’ and ‘Pratyay’. Iccheymoti is a rape victim who was gang raped on Goddess Durga’s immersion ceremony. 

She doesn’t remember clearly what exactly happened to her that day. Pratyay supplies Kush-Putul, (idols made of jute) to all political protest gatherings. Pratyay and Ichhamoti come close to each other and start exploring all the possibilities of their lives keeping the playwright as a witness.

When asked about the play, Director Saurav Palodhi said: “Natakar Naam ki is the third attempt of our very new theatre group-Ichheymoto. It is a play within a play. Turna contributed largely in direction. 

"This script has a lot of contemporary dialogues which are a strict no no. statements of the current situation. I was always attracted towards political satires, so this is one such rendering.” 

'Ajilamu', another play, is basically a dance form that is used to narrate the stories and folklore of the tribes. 

The play has been directed by Suk Bahadur and was performed by Bugun Welfare Society. The dance has the structure and form of the pantomime of Buddhist tribes (Mompa and Shertukpen) of West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. 

The 'Ajilamu' dance is also closely interwoven in the socio-religious fabric of these tribes. 

The dances are performed during all religious festivals and also at other social functions reflecting the aspirations, faith and tribulations of the common man.


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