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For the child unborn

Tu Kaisi Maa- a dance ballet on women empowerment  and New Life, a drama on cancer is being organised in the Capital by Urvashi Dance Music Art and Cultural Society together with Youwecan.
Kanya Bhrun hatya (female feticide) is selectively eliminating fetus of a girl in the womb itself. Need of the hour is to enlighten the society about the sin/crime towards the mankind, its implications and remedies thereto.

With this objective Urvashi Dance Academy, headed by renowned Kathak exponent Rekha Mehra, is all set to produce and present a Ballet titled Tu Kaisi Maa?. It is proposed to produce the ballet alongside the visual effects in the background.

The Play is called New Life,A drama on Cancer. It  will be performed on December 12 at , Chinmay Mission, Lodhi Road, in the Capital. In Hindu religion, killing someone without a fight has been known as Hatya or murder and has been despised as an heinous sin/crime, requiring stringent repentance/punishment.

Men being the stronger sex have ruled like a lion king in the jungle with their prowess. However, history is full of examples of women proving themselves stronger morally, culturally and ethically.
The word Maa(mother) remind one of Goddesses. In the same religious society how come innocent fetus is destroyed in the ovarian cage itself, even before seeing the daylight?

Most ironical fact is that this crime is deliberately allowed by the mother herself, after detection of the fetal gender through medical means and saddest part is that majority of such cases involve an enthusiastic participation of women, both old and young. Family pressures apart, unplanned pregnancy is generally the reason behind abortion. Another interesting fact is coming to the fore and is that of increase in the number of cases of rape in India, mainly due to diminishing women : men ratio.

Where: Chinmoy Mission When: December 12

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