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‘For some odd reason, most mother-in-laws are insensitive’

‘For some odd reason, most mother-in-laws are insensitive’
I have a feeling I’m in love with my childhood friend. I haven’t told it to him yet! I fear losing him. What should I do?
Simran, Lucknow

Well, I suggest you take it slow. Give him small hints of what you feel towards him and observe his reaction. You can casually ask him to imagine a situation, that you both were lovers and not just friends. I’m sure your sensibility will guide you correctly to understand what he feels. Don’t supress yourself. Don’t do anything for which you’ll look back and repent. One life. Take chances.  

I live with my father and my stepmother. I’m in the 8th standard. I think my stepmom is pregnant. I can’t accept this at all. Can you help?
Miss T, Uttar Pradesh

I understand how you must be feeling. It will not be easy at all. But dear, this is a very special time for the parents who are awaiting the arrival of the new one. You can be upset but this will be harmful for your mind and health. You ideally should engage yourself in some activity that you would love to do. This new role of an ‘elder sister’ will be a bit challenging at first but will be immensely pleasurable in the future. I’m sure you will love it.

My mother in law is always comparing me with my married sister-in-law who lives in Australia. To her, I’m not fit for her family! I’m tired of arguments and tears. What can be done?
Archana, Noida

That’s truly annoying and irritating. For some odd reason, most in-laws are insensitive. You have to fight this out. Don’t be rude but be firm in letting her know how irritated you feel about this. If she still fails to rectify, use earphones and listen to music each time she’s getting messy. It’s difficult to change others so it is best is to change the way you handle situations.

I love having sex with older women. I can’t make myself sleep with anyone close to my age. Is this abnormal?
Name withheld

Well, ‘abnormal’ is not a term I would use in your case. It’s true that men sometimes find pleasure in older women only because they prefer expertise. I don’t know your age, but I would request you to open your mind and try getting close with someone younger as well. You never know, someday you might come across the right partner. As of now, enjoy, use precautions.

I love my husband but he can’t satisfy me. He’s too weak as a sexual partner. I’m very frustrated and fear that I will land up having sex with other men. Please help!
Mrs Patel, New Delhi.

Have you tried guiding him while having sex? Most men need directions as they don’t understand the body of a woman. Be patient and tell him ‘exactly’ how you prefer it. Try all sorts of verbal communication and don’t feel awkward. Take life as it comes! Don’t hesitate to advice your man to follow the actions of a porn film while make love. That might be  helpful.

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