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For music and a concern

Advaita - an eclectic fusion band will be performing at the event. Manzil Mystics has been performing for/with different NGOs in Delhi on social issues such as environment, gender-based violence, governmental corruption, honor killing, failure in education system in India, and many more. Men who pause is a four-member band from New Delhi, India known for being one of the first bands in India to distribute their music for free over the internet and kickstart the DIY ethic in India will also enthralling the audience.

This year the theme for the event is around social inclusion which in the urban context is considered not existent but is always prevalent and is over looked by. The volunteers have already been going to communities in Delhi that are considered to be non-existent, they are talking about the issue and using theater, music, films etc as mediums to express their thoughts. There a lot of collaboration with the communities and they are part of the event as well.

They are not only including the communities but also taking a bunch of young volunteers along with them and making them go through the journey to self to society.

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