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For a fairer and secured election

Although crores of rupees are being poured into the security industry, particularly of the ill-regulated, privatised variety, the fact remains that for some, such as the BJP prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi, it is a necessary evil. After the saffron camp’s cynosure suffered a glowering attempt on his life at the Patna ‘Hunkar’ rally last month, the centre has been pretty much forced to further beef up the security arrangements of the thrice-victorious Gujarat chief minister. While it is commendable that Narendra Modi did not flinch even once in the wake of those bombings, reportedly committed by Indian Mujahideen terrorists as a throwback to the Muzaffarnagar riots, it is true that threat to his life is transparent and obvious. Hence, the centre’s direction to upgrade Modi’s security by ensuring an advance foolproof drill for the leader, who’s increasingly appearing invincible if the pre-poll onion surveys are anything to go by, is the last resort of a gradually deteriorating regime that is scrounging for bits of sustenance in the political theatre. In fact, the centre’s bid to see that Modi’s rally venues are sanitised the way it is done for the prime minister and the members of Gandhi family (perhaps another endangered species in the political jungle, a fact repeatedly harped on by the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi), with Special Protection Group protecters at his service, is a better-late-than-never effort to clear its name against the vitriolic criticism leveled at it, and the Bihar government, from all quarters.

The advanced security liaison (ASL) drill, in which Modi’s security entourage ensure anti-sabotage checking, venue sanitisation and as well as real time coordination with the local police, is important. Since eminent players in the political arena have never been safe in this country, as much as in other nations as varied as the US and Pakistan, it is crucial that no breach of security happens to ensure free and fair national elections. It is also equally significant to thoroughly monitor through non-invasive means the people and the site at which Modi, as well as other leaders, would address the voters of this democratic republic. On a note of caution, however, it is also important to not lose sight of basic freedoms of civilians that must not be sacrificed at the altar of national security.
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