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For a colourful cause

 MPost |  2013-06-17 21:50:28.0  |  New Delhi

For a colourful cause

This one’s for the art lovers in the Capital. An exhibition in India Habitat Centre will be displaying art works of about 100 eminent and upcoming Indian artists from across India. Works that form a part of this annual exhibition are that of- Raza, M.F. Husain, Jatin Das, Swaminathan, Sanjay Bhattacharya,  CD Mistry, Niren Sen, Jagdish Dey, Vigyan Vrat, Bhagat Singh, Dileep Sharma, Farhad Hussain, Balesh Jindal, and many eminent artists from pan India along with several upcoming artists . It will be effectively reflecting the colorful cause through their creativity.

A set of four unique sandal wood sculptures  will also be displayed that were created sometime in the early 20th century by an awardee by the President of India, Mali Chand Jangid from Rajasthan whose generations were involved in such intricate craftsmanship since centuries. The craftsmanship is extraordinary and extremely fascinating  as it involves carving in a single piece of sandal wood.
This excitement of the colors is experienced by the group of these artists from all over India who have gathered together during an art exhibition, Colors of Life, not only in terms of the geographic borders but also in an encounter of each other’s artistic framework and creative terrain, which manifests in the resulting creative out-pouring exhibited at the spacious Visual Art Gallery at the Indian Habitat Centre. The three days from 21 June 2013 followed by art display at the Art Mall from 25 Jun till 1st July 13 was the culmination of an idea mooted annually.

Each artist rendered the work in his/her own distinct genre. Few have deployed a panoramic views of nature, some as tantric streak, submerged in detailed rendering of changing seasons, flora and fauna, snarling creepers, birds perched on fruiting trees and bees humming over flowering patterns, suggesting an influence of miniature tradition. In a different vein of popular culture, come water colour paintings linked to modern icons in media, and glamour in a mix of fun.

In the Colors of Life, the artists could bond together, and engage in some fun filled opportunity.



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