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Follow the light

Follow the light
This one’s for the art lovers. Here is an artist who believes that her paintings are a part of the original universal energies of love and truth. Eva Maria Pecheno is ready with 26 pieces of her work to show the Capital how to Follow the Light. The artist believes that paintings are the mirrors of the inner and external self. The process of creation is directed by the heart and not the mind. She allows her feelings to direct her hands on the canvas.

Pecheno is a PhD Fine Art from the University of Barcelona and at the Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya India. Eva studied at the cradle of western art at the Fine Art Faculty University of Athens Greece. Besides acquiring her graduate and posr graduate degrees, she has been teaching in all variety of students from governmental and private schools.

Pecheno says, ‘When I paint my connection and concentration with the inner self is such as If I’m in meditation. I require deep silence to take the action.’ To create this particular group of paintings, she says that she had immersed herself in the expressions and energies of love, truth and sometimes it was hard to work out because the final battle is going on within her mind.

She also says that she only prefers to follow the feeling which at the beginning can be in contradiction within the mind and the mind tries to control the matter - paintbrush, colours and effects. Yet, she trusts the flow and the synchronicity. She flows with the  time and feeling and lets the image appear.

Where: Gallerie Alternatives, DLF Golf Course road, Gurgaon
When: 9 July - 23 July, 11 am to 7 pm

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