Folk artists show gratitude to CM

Folk artists from different parts of the state attended the Martyrs’ Day rally on Thursday not to perform their art, but as a mark of gratitude for the initiatives taken by the Trinamool Congress government for their upliftment.

It may be mentioned that the state government had taken a major step in reviving several folk arts which were on the verge of extinction. The state government had decided to provide retainer ship fee of Rs 1,000 and in addition Rs 1000 each for four programme that the government had arranged for them. Thus, each of them had received around Rs 5,000 every month. It gave a boost to the confidence of artists and they started working again to revive their art form.

Around 50,000 folk artists who perform Chhau, Natua, Raibeshi, Brita, Gambhira, Lathi, Santhal and Tusu were brought under the project.

“Our art is our tradition. There is nothing important for us than the art that we perform. But a few years ago we had to suffer in such of livelihood. Everyone will agree that how a person will perform if he or she will not get minimum requirements like food and clothes. Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee took initiatives for our benefit. We had suffered for decades. Apart from her no one came in front for our support,” said Biswanath Murmu, a folk artist from Murgathore village at Gangajalghati near Barjora in Bankura.

A group of women who perform Ghoti dance were found listening to the speakers at the dais. When asked about the reason behind coming so far to attend the rally, Thakurmani Murmu, a folk artist, said that they came here for two reasons.

First of all as a mark of gratitude to the state government for the initiatives taken for the folk artists and secondly to perform the art that has got revived just due to the initiatives taken by Banerjee.

The state government had not only organised programme of folk art in the city, but after 2011, the same was being organised all across the state. Thus, folk artists from districts including Bankura, Midnapore and Purulia are getting equal opportunities to perform.


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