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Flexing those laughter muscles

Flexing those laughter muscles
Life  has become hectic nowadays. People are busy with their work and get no time to relax. Reason why laughter shows on TV are getting increasingly popular because people need their daily dose of comic relief.

Come 30 June and you will be able to ditch the boring comedy shows on TV and head out for some real fun at The Laugh Riot Nights. This is a two-day stand-up comedy show being organised by Geliophobics Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

The three artists who will be performing are Tanmay Bhat, Rajneesh Kapoor and Varun Thakur who have been all over the international circuit, performing with the likes of Russel Peters.

Apart from doing stand-up comedy, Thakur is also a struggling actor. ‘I am expecting a the show to be a houseful,’ says Thakur. He will be performing for all age groups and also plans to put some of his acting prowess into use.

Kapoor is the creator of the comic strip This is our life where he showcases the day-to-day aspects of ‘Indian life’, adding a different, often cynical and sarcastic view with a humorous take.

‘My acts will revolve around how India is a unique country,’ says Kapoor. he also plans to give comic takes to varying topics like technology for youngsters and the pressure to get married among others.

Bhat, who is a member of Vir Das’ Weirdass Comedy and co-founder of the All India Bakchod, touted as India’s most widely heard comedy the podcast which he runs with fellow comedian Gursimranjeet Khamba. The podcast is their take on everything that made it to the day’s news.

‘I’ll be coming with new jokes which Delhiites have never heard,’ says Bhat. He deals with subjects which are edgy, political, observational and adult in its sensibilities. So get ready to laugh.


At: Nu Delhi, Malcha Marg
When: 30 June and 1 July, 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Tickets: Call 9999109871
Price: Rs 600
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