Fledglings find wings

Fledglings find wings
Experimenting with issues such as identity, personal politics and cityscape, five recent art graduates and post graduates create masterpieces from scratch. In the tenth edition of the Peers Residency, these five graduates were selected from across the country to participate in Khoj International Artists' Association's, Peers 2013.

These artists spent four weeks away from their structured curriculum to deliver artworks with a free, liberal and risk taking spirit at Khoj Studios. This residency programme will culminate into an ‘Open Studio Day’ on June 19, 2013 where the artists’ community and the general public will get to  interact with the artists.

The artists for the Peers 2013 residency are Juhikadevi Bhanjdeo, Pratik Bhattacharya, Parag Sonarghare, Sashi Thavudoz and Niyati Upadhya.

Commenting upon some of the artworks, Khoj's in residence critic, Shaheen Ahmed says,'Parag Sonarghare is engaging in a dialogue with an inanimate object like wheat flour (atta) for a sustained period of ten days whereby the identities of two diametrically polar opposites have become extremely fluid. Here one doesn’t know where one is an extension of the other. Niyati Upadhya has carried forward her negotiations with the subaltern city spaces by her work with the street performers.'

Telling about other artists, she adds that Pratik Bhattacharya has titled his work as ‘Presence of Absence’ which is a strong commentary on the state of being of a citizen in a city like Delhi, Shashi Thavudoz again questions the state of urban living trying to make a rupture into the ‘organised chaos’ of the cityscape, Juhikadevi Bhanjdeo is working with two distinctly different materials – synthetic ribbons and steel blades.

Artists are encouraged to move out of the physical environs of the studios and explore the area, explained the Director of Khoj, Pooja Sood.


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