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Flavours of Terreti bazaar

Flavours of Terreti bazaar
Starting a bright sunny morning by heading towards Kolkata’s very own little China town – Terreti bazaar for breakfast, could actually brighten up your day. Not only for the palatable Chinese snacks, but a simple walk down the busy streets of the market would be a smart choice. 

Located near Poddar Court at Sun Yat Sen Street in central Kolkata, Teretti bazaar is known as a very old settlement for a small Chinese population from the late 18th century. Since then, they have been bringing into prominence, the delicacy of a variety of authentic Chinese dishes at the place. One can get a quick access of buses to reach the destination from anywhere across the city. However, metro route is a better option. The nearest metro station to Terreti bazaar is Central. 

What is unique and interesting about the place is the diversity of food available – chicken momos, fish momos, pork momos (dumplings) in both steamed and fried forms which are served with hot chilly sauce. One can also find prawn wafers, Shu Mei, Chinese sausages and many other interesting lip smacking dishes. The magical taste of these Chinese delicacies would certainly win your heart and compel you to come back over and over again. 

The list does not end here. Soup noodles, steamed baozi buns, fish ball, and meatball soup are some other options you ought to give a try. The taste of such ‘must-haves’ would leave you crave for more. For a perfect breakfast, it is advisable that you also get the taste of the entire Chinese platter, each in small quantities. Once you binge on a fresh plate of hot dumplings, wontons or soup, you will surely remember it forever. These ‘wow’ foods not only have dominating taste, but also offer an interesting appearance.

“I was born and brought up in Kolkata and have been selling Chinese snacks at the bazaar for the past twenty-five years. Many foreigners and locals visit our place to savour the Chinese dishes. These snacks are homemade and are prepared everyday. It really feels good to see a variety of customers taking interest in this place and food,” says Bobby Yong, a seller at Terreti Bazaar.

The wonders of Chinese snacks can also be experienced once you try rice pudding- a fried snack, which is partly sweet and tastes delicious. If you are a kachori lover, then it is a great option too. However, you need to make sure that you reach the destination by seven in the morning so that you get everything to taste in plenty. “I would visit this place with my father as a child. And today, I take my daughter and elder nephew as they too love the place a lot. They are ‘big foodies’ and binge on almost everything that come on their way. Terreti bazaar has an age-old flavour of its own. I love meatball and fishball soup the most. The are served hot and taste amazing”, says a local who is a frequent visitor.

You will also find a variety of fishes – Rohu, Catla, etc. that are sold on either sides of the street. If you are a fish lover and observe the scenario in a slightly different manner, then you will notice that a part of the area is not only a mere fish market, but you can enjoy watching men slicing fishes. An interesting snack worth mentioning again is the ‘prawn papad’ – it is tempting and lip-smacking. At one corner of a lane, there is a pig butchery which might attract some customers. 

Now let’s talk something green! If you prefer to opt for the greener options, then green groceries are in full house. You will find a plethora of fresh vegetables at the entrance of the bazaar like potatoes, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables including spinach, carrots, green and red chillies, capsicum, yellow and red bell pepper, onion, brinjal, cauliflower etc. So, if you are perhaps planning to buy some of those ‘veggies’ from this site, then it’s not a bad idea. The prices of vegetables are as well very reasonable. 

Some stalls of fresh coconuts are also up for grabs. A sip of sweet coconut water after a lip-smacking breakfast would probably do justice to your belly and make it happier too. Do not give it a miss. Terreti bazaar should be a ‘must-visit’ place for both locals and tourists. Eat, indulge, experience! Know what uniqueness is. Buy whatever you feel like and return back home with bright smiles and bags full of veggies and non-veggies. A lot could be discovered in only one fine morning exclusively at Terreti bazaar.
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