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Flattening it out for you

Very often in movie halls we are handed over ice-choked colas that have lost the fizz. We drink it anyway. Shirin Fahad ki to Nikal Padi is a tad bit like that. It is sweet, has a semblence of some fizz but is still so ‘bleh’.

The small budget film has a lot of expectations riding on the 36B and the 45-year-old shoulders. The promos promised some good laughs, a choreoghapher-turned-director-turned-actress carried some hope and then there was Boman Irani — the master of all crazy roles.

However, once the film kicked off, the audience were perhaps waiting, sipping on those flat colas — waiting and waiting and waiting for moments of brilliance. No such luck, sadly.

The story is refreshing. A 45-year-old ‘reliable’ bachelor Farhad Pastakiya [Boman Irani] is constantly haunted by his relatives to tie the marital knot while he hunts for the girl who would not mind his profession. After all, how many girls would want to marry a ‘bra-panty’ salesman?

The genuinely nice Farhad stumbles through life with his ‘over-loving’ mother Nargis [Daisy Irani] and a very cool granny till Shirin Fuggawala [Farah Khan] walks into his shop. Then it is love for the 45-year-old hero finally. But as luck would have it — as secretary of the Parsi Trust, Shirin is the one responsible for breaking down the tank Farhad's father had constructed for Nargis. And Nargis and Shirin — names without faces for the other — vehemently hate each other.

Nargis hates Shirin for she broke down the second good thing her husband had given her [the first being Farhad — how adorable!?!] and Shirin hates the annoying old woman for badgering her with so many letters. Farhad courts Shirin, revels in the feelings of finally falling in love and they eventually get engaged. It is cute, it is real, but it is rather insipid. The relationship has its ups and downs and rather boring pitfalls — and of course there is a happily ever after. Predictable. Nice. But you will not leave the hall beaming.

Boman Irani is perfect in his role. All of Farhad’s quirks and idiosyncracies are so integrally woven into the charatcer that one would almost believe that Irani in real life is just like that. The other characters fall in nicely around him — the mother, the granny, the aunt, the crazy neighbour. But what disappoints is Shirin.  Farah Khan can’t or rather doesn’t emote half as well as Farhad does. Scenes that could have been brilliant fall flat for the sheer dearth of reaction from Khan. She isn’t bad as Shirin, but she is not half-convincing and thus not even half as endearing.

If you have to pick a movie this weekend, pick Shirin Farhad. Rumour has it that the Expendables 2 is not worth the movie ticket price or the flat cola.
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