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Flash flood: Gurgaon men reach out with medical aid

One of the common problems witnessed during relief operations in disaster-hit areas is the landing of a lot of relief material that is of little or no use to the victims.

Uttarakhand too has started flooding in with food, clothes and other stuff that the victims don’t need. But five residents of
Gurgaon made an attempt to address this issue. They first tried to find out what the victims needed and then sent medicines
for the victims.    

The general secretary of Uttarakhand chemist association Dr Amit Kumar had advised state association officer in Gurgaon Rakesh Mittal to send in medicines instead of food for the victims of the flash floods in the hill state.
Accordingly, a team of senior doctors in Gurgaon held a discussion on the list of medicines that could be required by the victims.
With around 15 huge boxes containing thousands of injections and antibiotics along with blood pressure and diabetes medicines the five people, who don’t want their identities to be revealed, left for
Dehradun from Gurgaon in an Innova car.

‘I was very happy and satisfied to see that an army chopper was waiting for those medicines and
in a short while the medicines will be delivered to the victims,' one
of the five said.

They arranged the medicines at their own expense. One of them said, ‘Though people from various part of the country are sending a lot of stuff, but the victims are suffering from scarcity of antibiotics.’
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