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Flank of Vivekananda Bridge reopened after repair work

The Kolkata bound flank of Vivekananda Setu commonly known as Bally Bridge has been opened at 11 pm on Friday after successful completion of the major repairing work within the stipulated time of three months.

The flank of the bridge was closed on July 30 with a target to complete the work within three months time. The bridge that connects Howrah to Kolkata serves both road and rail. Thus the state Public Works Department (PWD) and railways worked with proper co-ordination. Senior officers and employees of the PWD with support of the railways worked round-the-clock to complete the work as early as possible.

The flank that was in a dilapidated state three months ago has got a new lease of life and people do not have to risk their lives while plying vehicles on the flank to reach Dakshineswar from Bally side.

Plying of vehicles was completely restricted on the flank or else it would not have been possible to complete the work of repairing the iron-joints and girders of the bridge within three months.

However, the other flank remained open with all sorts of vehicles plying from Dakshineswar to Howrah end. A portion of the same flank was cordoned off allowing only Dakshineswar bound two wheelers and auto-rickshaws to ply.

Heavy trucks and Dakshineswar bound buses were diverted through Nivedita Setu. As a result, people had to face inconvenience due to traffic congestion in the past three months.

The construction of the bridge, which was known as Willingdon Bridge earlier, was completed in 1932.

Sumantika Nath, a resident of Bally in Howrah, said: “Patch work was undertaken quite a few times earlier but it was of no help. Though we had to face a little inconvenience for around three months, it resulted to a permanent solution to a major problem.”
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